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Replacing a Lost Title in Florida

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Replacing a Lost Title in Florida

To replace a lost title in Florida:

  • Complete an Application for Duplicate/Lost in Transit/Reassignment for a Motor Vehicle Title Certificate (Form HSMV 82101).
  • Provide proof of your identity.
  • Provide the odometer disclosure and any lienholder info.
  • Pay the $75.25 title fee (electronic title for previously FL registered vehicles).
  • Mail or return your documents to the Florida DHSMV.
  • For more details on replacing a lost title, please see below.

If you are selling a vehicle or using it as collateral on a loan, you’ll need to produce a title to prove clear ownership. Your title is an important document, but it can be easy to misplace. Ordering a duplicate title allows you to replace the one that was lost or destroyed.

Replacement vehicle titles in Florida are processed by county tax collectors.

Continue reading this page for the process of applying for a duplicate Florida vehicle title.

Applying For a Duplicate Title in Florida

NOTE: If you find the original title, you need to turn it in to the tax collector’s office to be destroyed. A duplicate title invalidates the original.

You can apply for a duplicate title by mail or in person at any local county tax collector’s office. To get a replacement title, you’ll need to visit local tax collector’s office and bring:

  • A completed Application for Duplicate or List in Transit/Reassignment for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home or Vessel Title Certificate (Form HSMV 82101).
  • Proof of identity, such as your:
    • Driver’s license.
    • State ID card.
  • Any lienholder information.
  • An odometer disclosure.
  • Payment for your Florida title fee. See “Duplicate Title Fees” below.

The DMV will process your application within 5 days. You’ll then receive your replacement title in the mail. Not fast enough for you? Some county tax collector offices offer expedited title services where you can get your title on the spot.

If you are applying by mail, you will send the applications and fees to your local tax collector’s office.

Duplicate Title Fees

The title fees in Florida are as follows:

  • New vehicles: $77.25 (electric title).
  • Vehicles previously registered in Florida: $75.25 (electronic title).
  • Out-of-state vehicles: $77.25.
  • Adding a lien to a title: $74.25.
  • Printed paper title additional fee: $2.50.
  • Expedited fast title additional fee: $10

Can you add or remove a lien from the title during this process?

If a lien is being added to the title, fill out the relevant information in Section 5 of the title application. A lien can be removed by supplying documents that show that the lien is satisfied.

VIN Verification?

If you are applying for a title for a vehicle that was previously registered in another state, you will need to get the VIN verified. It must be physically inspected by one of the following:

  • A county tax collector employee or a compliance examiner from the DMV.
  • A licensed vehicle dealer from Florida or another state.
  • A law enforcement officer from any state.
  • an active commissioned officer or provost marshall.

You will need to complete and sign the Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification (Form HSMV 82042). The form is also available at any tax collector’s office.

Making Corrections on Your Florida Title

When applying for a duplicate title, you can change your address or update the odometer reading by filling out the application and attaching the proof requested.

Change Your Address

When changing your address, you will need to:

  • Provide proof of the new address. Acceptable documents include your:
    • Driver’s license.
    • Utility bill or lease agreement.
    • Current vehicle registration or a copy of your insurance policy.
  • Submit payment for the $75.25 duplicate title fee with an updated address.

For more details about this process, you can visit our page about Changing Your Address.

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