May 17 2019

2nd sale car ^ Video

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2nd sale car ^ Video, REMMONT.COM

2nd sale car


Take a #ByeByeDrive to
Nearest CARS24 Branch Today!

As you drive to CARS24 to sell your car, stay with the beautiful memories created in your car and leave the worries of selling to us.

Why Sell to CARS24?

Best Price


Sell Car in a
Single Visit

Free RC

*Stay safeguarded till the RC is transferred by the CARS24 Customer Protection Policy

See How CARS24 Work

Enter your car details and get an instant price.

Visit branch for free car inspection by our experts and get best price.

Once you accept our best price, we will transfer money instantly and take care of RC transfer for free!

India’s Preferred Choice
for Selling Used Car

Customers Love Us

Selling your car is a very tedious process but with CARS24 it is the exact opposite. I sold my car the same day I visited their branch, got paid immediately and they got the ownership transferred themselves. Super job team CARS24!

Hyundai Eon – Vijay Chawla

I didn’t know selling a car could be this easy! It’s hassle free and faster than any other expected. Thank you for an awesome experience at CARS24.

Hyundai I20 – Pradeep Pattanath

CARS24, in my experinece, is the most convenient way of selling used cars. You go to their branch, sell your car and get paid – as simple as that. They even took the responsibility of transferring the ownership. What more do you need?

Fiat Grand Punto – Mrs. Thapa

Inka jawaab nahi! CARS24 bought my car at a great price. Big thanks to people at the Golf Course branch, and CARS24 for helping me sell my car. These guys are the best at what they do.

Tata Manza – Mr. Arun

The Media Loves Us Too

Still Confused? Take the Right Decision

Exchange offer. A bad >

Well, let us burst this bubble. This will never happen. Do you know what actually happens in an Exchange offer? Let us explain it to you.

There is a negotiation on the value of your used car. The sales executive will smartly offer you a higher price than what CARS24 is offering for your used car. This is the salesman’s way of gaining your trust by making you believe you got an amazing deal for your used car. This is a trap! What the salesman has done is that while negotiating a deal for the new car, he will give you significantly less discount than what he could have actually offered. Why don’t you test it out yourself?

Go to a new car dealership to buy a car. Separately, send a friend/family member to buy a new car in exchange of their used car. You would learn that the extra money offered for your used car would mean a smaller discount on your new car. Who will bear the loss for this? Definitely you!

Instead, get the best price for your used car on CARS24 and negotiate hard when you purchase a new car.

Selling on >

First, let us tell you how CARS24 gets you the best price: we have long term, volume contracts with OEMs, corporates, leasing companies, car rental companies, etc who want your car to grow their business. That is how we get you the best price for your car.

So you don’t need to look anywhere else. However let’s still address your other options. Classified websites are likely to show much higher prices for your car. Honestly, they are arbitrary – almost 50% – 200% higher than the real value! We don’t know why they are so poor with their ‘price calculators’ but trust us, you will know that as soon as you start the process of meeting buyers for your car.

Got a good deal? Check ours.

You could go ahead and sell your car directly to a consumer but do you know it could take months before you actually complete the transaction? Do you have months to spare & time to meet hundreds of individual buyers to find that one perfect buyer for your used car?

By waiting longer you lose more than you gain as your car value depreciates every day you wait. Moreover, transferring the ownership & shifting the liability of your used car over to the new customer could be a very tedious job.
Once you’ve handed over the keys to the new owner of the car, how long will you chase him for the transfer of ownership documents? Obviously you wouldn’t want your used car to land in the wrong hands and this liability is yours.

At CARS24, we guarantee a transparent process where we will get you the best price for your used car, as well as take care of all paperwork, including the transfer of ownership too! The best part being that from the moment you hand over the keys to us, we take full ownership & all liability of the car lies with us!

Found an end buyer? Wait!

When you are planning to buy a new car, waiting longer can help in getting you a better price for it. But this is the exact opposite, when you are trying to sell your existing car.

Even if your existing car has done 0km & maintained impeccably, it’s still losing value every day. Moreover, there are few events like Mega discounts on new cars, Year change, New model launch, that further drop the value of your current car.

Hypothetically, if Honda City announces a new facelift, the existing design might reduce value by 20%. This is fairly common in the car industry. Similarly with year change, you lose 10-20% value. So if you have made up your mind to sell your car, every minute you delay you are losing real cash. Now, go ahead and sell your car to CARS24 and get the best price possible in the market!

See What Experts Say

Like me, pretty sure you don’t have time to sell your car. Why bother when CARS24 will buy it immediately for a good price.

Rajiv Makhni, TV Host, NDTV Gadget Guru

If I could offer one advice, never compromise with RC transfer when selling your car. I only trust CARS24.

Ashish Masih, Editor-in-chief, Autoportal

Dealing with cash is an old way of selling a car. CARS24 transfers payment in your bank account within seconds.

Siddharth Sharma, TV Host, CNN News18 Tech & Auto show

CARS24 knows the current market demand of your car and hence the price that you get on their website is the most genuine price.

Kranti Sambhav, Creative Lead, Auto – Times Network

I discovered CARS24 on my last trip to India. Within two hours I went in there, sorted out the paperwork and got the payment into the bank account – it was really that simple.

Karun Chandok, Formula 1 Racing Driver


We Have 148 Branches In 31 Cities Across India

Enter your car details and get the best price

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